Only 10 Minutes To Get Rid Of Headache Without Medications

From a personal experience we all know the insidious headache and that’s why this advice won’t leave you indifferent


Head massage – a way of improving the blood flow in the critical zone, releasing from stress is also a way of decreasing the pain.

We suggest you a method that will sometimes help you more than pills.

Massage with a towel – an efficient way of influence on the blood flow in the areas of head and neck which helps to remove the pain.

Besides, head massage is a very pleasant procedure.


How to do the therapeutic massage with the help of a towel: 


–  Choose the right towel – it shouldn’t be too thick. Roll in a pretty tight roll using spiral movements.

  • Press the towel on the back of your head well. Hold it with your both hands from the different sides, but tightly.
  • Move the towel up on your head, down your neck and shoulders. Do it rhythmically, unrolling the towel gently so that the massage is intensive enough.
  • This procedure should last 3-5 minutes – this kind of simulations will be enough to alleviate your headache. If the pain didn’t decrease, take a 10 minute break and repeat the massage.

Manual therapists consider that the most common cause for headaches is a spasm. The spiral massage with a towel relaxes the zone around the neck and the head, works on eliminating the spasm, has a positive effect on the clamped vertebrae in the area of the neck.

Massaging the head in strong headaches is good to be combined with some additional therapy: have a cup of mint tea which will affect your blood vessels to widen. The pain will disappear soon!

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