Melt The Fat Around The Stomach – Lose 3 Kg In 5 Days

Having excess fat will not just ruin your look but your health as well. The conditions that can be caused by excess calories are: stroke, heart disease, prostate and breast cancer, and type 2 diabetes. You should especially pay attention to the abdominal fat because that is the key player in causing these conditions. The main reason why excess abdominal fat is such a trouble-maker might be its location near the portal vein which is carrying blood from the intestinal area to the liver.

You should take some steps in eliminating the fat around your waistline and this is the same for those who are not very heavy. What can determine how much you weight is the food and beverage consumption and physical activity.  Every fat-burning process should start with lowering the number of calories you consume and increasing the calories you burn. The best way to lose fat is physical activity that is a fact but without proper and healthy diet it won’t have effects.

The fat around the stomach can be melted with losing 3 kg in 5 days with one simple drink. Here is how:


– 60g of parsley
– 1 lemon
– 230ml water


After chopping the parsley squeeze the lemon over it and put the mixture in a bowl. After that add water and your drink is ready.


After waking up drink this mixture on a empty stomach for 5 days. After those 5 days you will need to make a break of 10 days.

This drink is so effective because of the parsley – it improves digestion and with that it helps the body in eliminating extra fluids and with that the feeling of bloating is eliminated too. Also your metabolism will be increased.

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