Lately I’ve been on a salad kick and thought it would be good to post some yummy, yet healthy recipes.

These recipes address inflammation in particular.

Inflammation is a natural process in the body that provides a defense against disease. Chronic inflammation can lead to heart disease and strokes, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and even depression.

Exercise, stress management, and a proper diet are lifestyle approaches for managing the problems associated with inflammation and chronic pain.

The anti-inflammatory diet, and lifestyle management, in general, provides an important method of reducing the levels of pain. Importantly, this approach to pain management is without any negative side effects.

Unpleasant side effects of some medications, including fogginess, memory loss, and sleepiness, are no longer a problem.

Nutrition that supports a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods is another approach to chronic pain management. The anti-inflammatory diet is a lynchpin of such an integrative approach. Although there are no magic foods, putting the right combination of foods into your diet can produce remarkable results.

Apple cider vinegar contains a variety of nutrients that help in its ability to do many things in the body that reduce inflammation fairly quickly. It has an alkaline pH, so it keeps our blood from becoming too acidic, which is what ultimately makes us feel so poorly.

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